Welcome to the Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies (FSIC)

Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies – FSIC (Swedish: Innovationsföretagen) is the common trade and employers´ association for Sweden’s architects, building and engineering consultancies, set up within the Almega Business Service Associations.

Focus Areas 2020

During 2020 we will prioritise the following areas:

  • Improved visibility for Sweden’s innovation- and design-oriented firms.
  • Balanced terms and conditions, including standard agreements and public procurement.
  • Education and competence development.
  • A renewed collective agreement and the long-term development of the negotiation process.
  • Improved value proposition for our member companies.

Members are engineering consultancies within both the building and civil engineering segments as well as the industrial engineering segment and architectural firms. Our organisation has approximately 720 member companies with some 39 000 employees, and thus represents a significant proportion of the competence and resources that exist within the sector. Our members

Most of our member companies are involved in building and civil engineering projects, from the early stages of community planning and general investigations to design and follow-up of investments. Within the industrial sector we represent companies that develop products, production methods and industrial processes.

On an international level, the Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies is a member of the international engineering consultancy organizations FIDIC, Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils, and EFCA, The European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations. In the architectural field, we cooperate with Sveriges Arkitekter (The Swedish Association of Architects) in the European organization ACE (Architects’ Council of Europe).

Read more about us in the Sector Review. Download it for free below.

The Sector Review

The Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies publish a detailed sector survey and market review of the consulting, engineering, and architectural groups in Sweden and the Nordic countries along with an international outlook. This report is published in December every year. We cooperate with our Nordic colleagues in FRI, FRV&SAMARK, RIF and SKOL&ATL from Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland, respectively.

In the Sector Review you can find:

  • The top 300 Swedish Consulting Engineering and Architectural Groups with figures on turnover, employees, profit and balance
  • The development within different subsectors
  • The major business transactions in the sector
  • The international development
  • A comparison between international listed consultants
  • The top 100 Danish, Finnish and Norwegian groups and the top 25 Icelandic groups
  • The top 50 Nordic Architectural groups
  • The top 50 European Architectural groups
  • The top 200 European Consulting Engineering and Architectural groups
  • The top 10 largest in the World

The Sector Review is distributed to a large number of companies, organisations, company analysts, banks, EEC, and major international magazines. The report is also printed in Swedish (Branschöversikten).

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